The Story

The Story

Three typical houses from Dão’s region born in the middle of granite rocks, in one of the most emblematic squares of Santa Comba Dão and property of the same family for more than 2 centuries. This is the beginning of our story. Those houses were renewed, and their walls that witnessed so many stories, are now a tribute to those who with their life’s have made this place magical.


The Loja Sr. Costa (Sr. Costa’s Store) is the second chapter of our story. A building covered by tiles in the outside and by stories inside. Stories from two brothers owners of a small grocery store, that was key in the development of the village. The old traditional traveling salesmen used to stay in the rooms in the attic. This was our inspiration for recovering this space and recover all the warm and care that the brothers Costa for years and years offered to all who visited their store.


The passion of our family for the Dão Region has passed from generation to generation. It literally runs in our blood. It was this that guided us to build a familiar, traditional but at the same time full of contemporaneity, which allows todays travelers to feel like us: at home. Here you can found the balance between authenticity and today’s lifestyle, which provides unique moments of comfort, tranquility and simplicity.

This tranquility allows us to admire the best of Portugal – hospitality, gastronomy and nature, in a region full of secrets to discover.

Turismo de Portugal
105946/ AL > Loja Sr. Costa | 72562/ AL > Casa Alvorada e Casa Srª Júlia | 72570/ AL > Casa Dionísio e Casa Srª Maria | 72574/ AL > Casa Sr. Miguel

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